New Member Guide

Welcome to Terminus Legion! We are excited to have you among our numbers.

Now that you've joined up, we're sure you're wondering what to do next. Here are six ideas for how you can make the most out of your membership:

1. Connect

The best way to keep up with Terminus Legion happenings is to join the official Facebook group. There you'll find news, event details, and interesting photos from other members, among many other things. We also invite you to follow TL on Twitter and Instagram, and to make sure you stay subscribed to the TL newsletter.

2. Support

Atlanta United match support is one of the biggest components of Terminus Legion. Join us at the Benz to cheer on the Five Stripes with everything you've got for the full 90 minutes.

And don't forget that TL tailgates before each home match. This a great time of drinks and food and fellowship with other TL members and Atlanta United fans. Details are released in the days leading up to each home match.

3. Watch

Terminus Legion also gets together to watch Atlanta United away games. We host watch parties in Atlanta and in other cities throughout the Southeast. Details are posted on the TL Facebook PageTL Member Facebook group and in the weekly email.

4. Volunteer

We are a volunteer organization and we are ALWAYS looking for volunteers. We need help with things ranging from tailgate operations to tifo construction and many things in between. We also offer opportunities to lend a hand with worthy causes in the Atlanta community. Keep a look out for those!

Volunteering is a great way to support the organization and meet new people. We can always find a spot for your skills. Contact to get plugged in, and look for emails and posts on the TL Member Facebook group for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

5. Play

Do you like play the beautiful game? Join the Terminus Legion team. TL plays in the Sons of Pitches Sunday Supporters League. Email to get in contact with the team captain so you can start playing. There are also several Facebook groups dedicated to pickup soccer games around Atlanta.

6. Localize

Live outside Atlanta? Find a local chapter near you.

Don’t see a chapter near you? Start your own. Contact for the next step.

7. Travel

As an official Atlanta United Supporters Group, Terminus Legion gets access to the tickets for away matches. Email about upcoming away games you are interested in and support the Five Stripes on the road.


Now that you're one of us, we look forward to meeting you and cheering on Atlanta United together!