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Atlanta United

Official Website

Keep up with all the latest Atlanta United news and team info straight from the source.

Dirty South Soccer

An SBNation blog about Atlanta United.

Soccer Down Here

Podcast covering soccer in the South - Atlanta United down through the lower divisions and the grassroots.


Sons of Pitches

Sons of Pitches FC is Atlanta's largest intown soccer club, offering adult soccer leagues, pickup soccer games, rooftop soccer tournaments, and social soccer events for players and fans alike. They also partner with community schools and organizations to offer free soccer programs for youth players.

Atlanta Sports and Social Club

Atlanta Sport and Social Club offers a variety of co-ed, men's, and women's soccer leagues year-round. They play their leagues on top of the line turf and grass at convenient locations throughout Atlanta.


Can't make a Terminus Legion Watch Party? Check out these Atlanta United bars and events:

Pub Partners

Heineken Watch Parties