Why Terminus Legion?

Atlanta is a thriving, growing city and a lot of our residents, both new and homegrown, aren’t aware of this city’s rich history.  We wanted a name that played to Atlanta’s roots and something we could all rally around with pride. After many different ideas, we came up with Terminus Legion, and it stuck like a thirsty fly in southern sweet tea.

Terminus was the original name for the location that would eventually become our great city.  It was given this name because it was the “end-of-the-line” of the new railroad built to connect the state of Georgia to the midwest. The location of the “zero mile post” was in a spot that is currently Underground Atlanta and the railroad that would be the catalyst for the growing metropolis of Atlanta was built in 1850.  We have included railroad ties and a locomotive cow-catcher in our Terminus Legion logo that recalls our city’s past as a railroad hub.

Terminus also has a secondary meaning in Roman mythology as the ancient god of boundary markers.  Ancient Romans would pay homage and sacrifices to boundary markers to bring good luck and protection to their property.  Terminalia was a festival that was celebrated every year on the 23rd of February.  This Roman connection led to our use of “Legion”, which were the famous military units of the Roman army.  These legions consisted of over 5,000 highly trained soldiers brought together to vanquish their enemies and eventually built one of the greatest empires in human history.

We feel that the Terminus Legion name is perfect for a group that exists to unite passionate supporters of our great, storied city.



  1. This is great stuff! The Krewe of Terminus made the same linkage years back to form one of the first krewes of Atlanta! They dress in Roman Army garb and rode a float that looked like a Phoenix bird to symbolize Atlanta (too much rain caused the float to get dismantled). Look for them (or even join them!) in the St Patty’s Parade (3/11), Inman Park Parade (4/29), and L5P Halloween parade! They use red and gold for their flags, too!

  2. This is awesome! You guys should consider putting a member counter at the top of the page (and a countdown clock till the first game later).

  3. I’m sold! Unfortunately, the Trail of Tears had to happen for that railroad, and Atlanta in general, to happen. Then again, we are new Rome.

  4. LOVE IT! Met you guys at the event yesterday, sad I hand’t heard of Terminus Legion earlier. I’m a web developer and if you are in need of some assistance running or building out this site let me know. Happy to help!

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