Recap of conversation with MLS

Today, we had a very exciting conference call with Dan Courtemanche, Executive Vice President of Communications for Major League Soccer. Here were the main highlights we can publicly share:

  • Major League Soccer is VERY interested in having a team in Atlanta.  It is one of the largest remaining markets and has the diversity and community that has been successful in other cities.
  • Three things must come together for a team to come to Atlanta.   Owners who are interested and able to own a team.   A stadium that provides a great atmosphere for the game and its fans.  A fanbase that is passionate and supportive of the team.
  • As everyone knows, discussions between Major League Soccer and Arthur Blank are progressing.  Nothing is final or definite but the conversations are positive.
  • The new NFL stadium will have a configuration that is great for Major League Soccer.
  • They are waiting for the fanbase and market to show that they are ready for a Major League Soccer team.
  • One of the ways that has been successful in many other cities is a successful supporters culture.  The Cauldron at Kansas City, Sons of Ben in Philadelphia, Emerald City Supporters in Seattle, and Timbers Army in Portland have all been instrumental in making their team a success.
  • With the Mexico-Nigeria match at the Georgia Dome in March and the World Cup coming up this summer, there is a great opportunity to mobilize the support for a team.
  • Terminus Legion shared our opinion that a public visit by Don Garber to Atlanta would be beneficial and be a statement from the league that they are serious about expanding.
  • Overall, it was made clear that they thought Terminus Legion will play an integral role in bringing a team to Atlanta.


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