What is Terminus Legion’s mission, you ask? We are an organized supporter’s group that exists to champion and support Atlanta soccer and the communities in which it is played. With more than 5 million residents in the metro area, our city is brimming with passionate soccer fans. Together, we can make a difference on and off the field.


We expect each of our members to embrace three main ideals of who we are;
  1. Positive and Inclusive – We invite every type of fan, at every experience level, in any language, from any background to join us. We will prioritize fun over drama, cheering for over cheering against.
  2. On-Field and Off-Field – We support Atlanta soccer in every way possible, both in support of the teams and in support of our community. Good acts for those in need are important to us as we strive to make Atlanta a better place.
  3. Win or Lose – We are not fair-weather fans, we will be in the stands every game as a group, lifting up our teams with our voices, flags, and instruments. We will never get down on our team and will bring an energy unmatched.
We do not consider ourselves bound by unwritten rules or conventions of “traditional supporters culture.” We are our own group and will be led by what our members want, by the ideals above, and by what makes for a fun time.

Remember the MLS Fan Code of Conduct that we will follow. Additionally, Terminus Legion has its own Code of Conduct that all members agree to follow at all times. Please make sure you are familiar with both!