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We have scarves!

Our first shipment of merchandise has now arrived and we are so excited to show off our scarves! We’ll let the photos do the talking, then explain some of the elements: We have one side with “TERMINUS LEGION” in large script along with the split logo that can be matched for a cool effect. Our […]

Recap of conversation with MLS

Today, we had a very exciting conference call with Dan Courtemanche, Executive Vice President of Communications for Major League Soccer. Here were the main highlights we can publicly share: Major League Soccer is VERY interested in having a team in Atlanta.  It is one of the largest remaining markets and has the diversity and community […]

Why Terminus Legion?

Atlanta is a thriving, growing city and a lot of our residents, both new and homegrown, aren’t aware of this city’s rich history.  We wanted a name that played to Atlanta’s roots and something we could all rally around with pride. After many different ideas, we came up with Terminus Legion, and it stuck like […]