Are you ready to join Terminus Legion for 2017? We would love to have you!

What does being a member mean? Well, first it means that you agree to honor our 3 Core Ideals;

  1. Positive and Inclusive – We invite every type of fan, at every experience level, in any language, from any background to join us. We will prioritize fun over drama, cheering for over cheering against.
  2. On-Field and Off-Field – We support Atlanta soccer in every way possible, both in support of the teams and in support of our community. Good acts for those in need are important to us as we strive to make Atlanta into a better place.
  3. Win or Lose – We are not fair-weather fans, we will be in the stands every game as a group, lifting up our teams with our voices, flags, and instruments. We will never get down on our team and will bring an energy unmatched.

You also get gear! Our core membership includes our scarf and Membership Card, good for discounts at several local bars, restaurants, and merchants. You can opt-in for additional merchandise items as well, exclusive to members 

Are you ready? Then Join us!

This is it! The year we all have been waiting for! Terminus Legion was born with the dream of bringing an MLS team to Atlanta, and Atlanta United FC is here now! Are you ready to be part of the first season of our team? Join us and be one of the #KingsOfTheSouth

Are you ready to go #FullSteamAhead with us? Clicking on the link below will take you to our new member platform! You will be able to buy your kit, TL merchandise and join us for the first year of Atlanta United FC in MLS!

Our new member platform will also allow you to have access to all emails from TL, events, surveys, etc! And you can download their app for either Android and iOS to get notifications of everything we do!